Fire System Inspection Services In Toronto, Canada

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A fire safety inspection aims to identify and correct issues in the fire protection systems. Our trained professionals who have been specially certified perform inspections.  We specialize in all aspects of Fire Protection and Prevention and offer a full range of services, including Fire Inspection Services, Fire Extinguisher Inspection, Fire Alarm Inspection, and Fire Safety Inspection services in the Greater Toronto Area.




Lifeline Fire Protection conducts monthly and annual inspections, testing & maintenance of a complete range of fire protection systems & equipment for residential, commercial & industrial properties.

We provide detailed reports & communicate any repairs or upgrades necessary to ensure optimal performance.

Modern fire protection systems are combinations of electronic and mechanical systems made up of various components and parts with a long lifespan, requiring minimum maintenance.

However, these systems require periodic adjustments, testing, and maintenance to safeguard against deterioration or possible breakdown.

External factors or aging of components can cause deficiencies such as:

  • Leaks
  • Erosion
  • wiring faults
  • unstable pressure

Such problems require immediate attention and correction to ensure your fire protection system is properly functioning.

Fires in parking garages are low-frequency events that can have serious consequences, so preparing for them is crucial. A sprinkler system is your first line of defence against a parking garage fire.

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Ensuring components of your fire protection system are always in proper working condition, provincial and municipal governments and many insurance companies mandate a series of regular inspections.

Our certified technicians have the necessary expertise to provide rigorous inspections and maintenance following all current standards and regulations - NFPA, ULC, and the National Building Code of Canada.

Inspections required for your home or business may be annual, semi-annual, quarterly, monthly, or weekly evaluations of:

  • sprinkler systems
  • fire pumps
  • standpipe and hose systems
  • fire hydrants
  • kitchen hoods
  • alarm systems

We conduct inspections for any size commercial or residential systems, always with the same level of care and precision.

Our Fire Safety Systems Inspection Services


Fire extinguishers are valuable tools that, when used correctly, can save lives in a fire emergency. However, simply having fire extinguishers in your office isn't enough— you need them inspected regularly to ensure they function when required.

At Lifeline Fire Protection, we have extensive knowledge of the process of fire safety inspections. Each component of the equipment must undergo a thorough examination to ensure that it is entirely safe.

We will ensure that you have the right equipment for any emergency. To stay NFPA compliant, get the safety and thorough fire protection inspections you need by contacting Lifeline Fire Protection.


We understand that you've got a lot of things to think about at once to keep your property running smoothly and securely. Having a working fire alarm system is necessary to keep your valuable safe. It is an overwhelming task, but leave it to us.

We offer fire alarm inspections for both commercial and residential properties. Our inspectors ensure that your property complies with the relevant codes and regulations.

Our certified inspectors follow the standards and guidelines set forth by the NFPA to protect lives and property in a building fire emergency. We will inspect your fire alarm systems following these standards and codes to ensure that every component is working correctly.


Fire hydrants provide firefighters with a reliable source of water for fighting fires. However, they typically require regular maintenance to ensure that it's fully functional when needed.

We will inspect your water supply system for leaks and ensure that your hydrants comply with all codes. We will guarantee that your fire hydrants are safe and functional so that they can help protect your assets during an emergency.

Fire Safety Consulting

We're most interested in hearing about your experience at the building itself, so we offer onsite one-on-one consulting.

We're happy and always available to help you with any questions. Our representatives can meet with you and assist you accordingly.



  • We offer affordable and quick-fire safety inspection services by our trained and experienced technicians who strictly adhere to NFPA codes.
  • We provide project timelines, pricing breakdowns and estimates, materials costs, etc.
  • We deliver prompt, professional, and excellent craftsmanship and quality customer service.
  • We offer residential, institutional, and commercial fire systems inspection.

We provide Fire Inspection Services, Fire Extinguisher Inspection, Fire Alarm Inspection, and Fire Safety Inspection in Toronto, Canada. If you need fire safety system inspections, contact us today. We'll ensure that your assets and the safety of your people are protected.



1. Do we have to perform fire safety system inspections annually?

Yes! According to Ontario Fire Code, you should perform annual fire safety system inspections. The purpose of this is to make sure that your fire safety system is up to date and meets current requirements. It ensures that your fire safety system works properly and that there are no issues or defects that could cause harm if they were not addressed.

2. Do I need a licensed technician to inspect a fire safety system?

Yes! You must hire a licensed Canadian Fire Alarm Association (CFAA) technician to perform fire safety system inspections. A licensed technician has undergone extensive training and testing to ensure that they know how to conduct a fire safety system inspection safely.

3. Can I perform my own fire safety system inspection?

Performing your own fire safety system inspections may be unsafe. It's a complex process and requires specialized knowledge. It is recommended that only an expert performs fire safety system inspections.

4. How much does a fire safety system inspection cost?

The price of a fire safety system inspection varies based on the scope of work required and the number of devices being inspected. Contact us for more information.