Have you ever wondered how the fire department knows there's an alarm going off in your building?

The objective of the fire alarm in your building is one and only one, to spot a fire and warn those within the building to evacuate. Sprinkler systems are made in the same way, but they also have the potential to put out a fire if one breaks out. These devices are not intended to alert the fire department to the sounding of an alarm. The fire brigade wouldn't be aware that the alarm is sounding without Lifeline and the signal receiving center monitoring your fire or sprinkler system, unless someone in the building dialed 911. Lifeline Fire Protection offers 24/7 ULC-Listed Monitoring Services, card access, and security cameras. New buildings, existing buildings and the replacement of existing equipment.



Lifeline Fire Protection offers 24/7 ULC-Listed Monitoring Services, card access, and security cameras. New buildings, existing buildings, replacing existing equipment.

Our monitoring service complies with all ULC-S561 standards and Ontario provincial building code.

Lifeline Fire Protection offers services tailored to suit your needs, from single-point testing and fault finding to complete 24-hour monitoring. We also provide an emergency call-out service should you experience any problems with your fire alarm system.


We have highly trained technicians who carry out all work on-site at your premises per our high safety and quality control standards. Our experienced staff is fully qualified and insured, and we pride ourselves on providing a professional service at competitive prices.

We aim to ensure that we can meet your requirements while maintaining high customer satisfaction.

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At Lifeline Fire Protection, we provide 24/7 Fire System Monitoring Services that allow for full protection of properties and buildings.

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Our Fire Safety Systems Monitoring Services in GTA, CANADA

We provide 24-hour emergency response services with highly trained operators who can help local authorities if needed. We provide monitoring solutions that secure your safety, this includes:

  • Fire alarm systems monitoring
  • Fire sprinkler systems monitoring
  • Elevator Monitoring
  • Burglary Monitoring
  • ULC Certified

We can also provide periodic testing of these systems for you. Learn more about how our fire safety monitoring services can benefit your business or schedule an inspection. Call us now!

Benefits of Monitoring Fire Alarm Systems

Fire alarm monitoring systems provide your building's safety 24/7 and have significant advantages, such as:

  • The ability to send alerts to people when there is an emergency.
  • Make it easier for emergency personnel to respond quickly to emergencies.
  • Faster response times to fires can improve the safety of people in buildings and lessen the damage caused by fires.
  • It allows people to escape from a burning building without calling the fire department.
  • Emergencies will be handled regardless of the time of day or whether your building is occupied.
  • 24/7 monitoring of your connected life safety and building fire protection systems.


  • We offer affordable and quick-fire safety inspection services by our trained and experienced technicians who strictly adhere to NFPA codes.
  • We provide project timelines, pricing breakdowns, estimates, materials costs, etc.
  • We deliver prompt, professional, and excellent craftsmanship and quality customer service.
  • We offer residential, institutional, and commercial fire systems monitoring.

We also provide Fire Inspection Services, Fire Extinguisher Inspection, Fire Alarm Inspection, and Fire Safety Inspection in Toronto, Canada. If you need fire safety system monitoring, contact us today. We'll ensure that your assets and the safety of your people are protected.

Looking for Reliable Fire System Monitoring Services?

We are a leading fire system monitoring company that provides 24/7 emergency response services to commercial and residential properties.

We provide the most reliable and cost-effective solutions for your property’s safety needs.

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How do I know if my fire system is working properly?

The most common cause of a false alarm is an electrical malfunction in the control panel. It may be that your panel has been damaged, or it may have failed to operate correctly. If you're in doubt, contact us for assistance.

What is the difference between a fire alarm and an emergency notification system?

A fire alarm sounds like a loud siren to alert people that there is a fire. An emergency notification system (ENS) sends text messages, emails, or phone calls to notify residents of a fire. The ENS can also send alerts when smoke detectors detect smoke, carbon monoxide levels are too high, or other conditions occur in your home.

How does my fire alarm work?

Your fire alarm operates by sending out an audible signal through a horn located on the roof of your building. This signal travels throughout your community and alerts everyone within earshot about the presence of a fire. Your local fire department will receive this signal and respond accordingly.

What should I do if I am notified about a false alarm?

Please contact the fire department immediately if you are notified about an alarm. If the fire department does not investigate the alarm, it will be considered a false alarm, and there’s a chance that your insurance company may deny coverage for any damage caused by the alarm.

Avoid making unnecessary trips to the fire station. If you find yourself often responding to a false alarm, please call us immediately. We can determine whether the alarm was triggered due to a faulty sensor or a power outage.