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Devising a fire protection plan for a historical building or a museum is a complex task.

Historical buildings reflect the state of the art at the time of their construction. Materials were used that are often viewed critically today with regard to fire safety. The biggest challenge is to ensure optimal fire protection of the building structure and the interior as well as the historical artifacts inside a building, without affecting their aesthetic value and historical integrity. 

Lifeline Fire Protection integrates the latest fire and safety requirements while preserving the historical integrity of the building.


Lifeline Fire Protection conducts monthly and annual inspections, testing and maintenance.

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Lifeline Fire Protection is dedicated to providing the best possible service in a courteous, safe, and professional manner. 

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Quality installation begins with product expertise and experience.  Our expert technicians are specially trained on every fire alarm system we offer and that’s how we deliver superior service and ensure that all of our projects meet fire safety code compliance.

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