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Fire can occur in a school building at any time and from a myriad of causes. From the moment of ignition, there is the potential of a major disaster and in a matter of minutes.

The best defence against injury or possible loss of life from fire lies in strong fire prevention and a life safety program that is fully supported by all school administrators.  

A school must always understand the importance of fire prevention and be a fire-safe place for our children. Lifeline Fire Protection ensures that all required fire protection devices and sprinkler systems are components of a good fire safety program.


Lifeline Fire Protection conducts monthly and annual inspections, testing and maintenance.

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Lifeline Fire Protection is dedicated to providing the best possible service in a courteous, safe, and professional manner. 

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Quality installation begins with product expertise and experience.  Our expert technicians are specially trained on every fire alarm system we offer and that’s how we deliver superior service and ensure that all of our projects meet fire safety code compliance.

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